Crocker’s Boat Yard offers customers a full range of boat services. Whether you are looking for annual storage and maintenance, or a full restoration, we have the people and equipment to handle the job. Crocker’s operates a 35-ton marine travellift, a 35-ton crane with 125′ of boom, a 20-ton yard trailer and a 10-ton over-the-road trailer for hauling and moving boats. Our experts operate out of three yards, the lower and upper yards in Manchester and a satellite location in Essex, Massachusetts, which gives us enough storage space for up to 200 boats. We do offer local moving for boats up to 30 ft. on our own trailer to and from our yards.  Local and long distance moving can be arranged from our yard to yours for boats up to 45 ft.


We have the knowledge and capabilities to handle everything from simple maintenance to complete systems upgrades. Our mechanics are ready to handle any job on gas or diesel engines, generators, refrigeration, air conditioning, bow thrusters, heaters, windlasses, and tank replacement. We are Westerbeke and Crusader dealers and are experienced on many other major manufacturers.

Electrical and Electronics

Our boat services and repairs covers electricalCrocker’s offer’s a full range of electrical services, complete rewiring
and electronic installations of all the latest equipment, as well as repairs, upgrades and diagnostics of your existing systems, battery charging, monitoring, alternators, galvanic isolators and inverters. All work is performed by ABYC certified technicians.


A wood and glass display of carpentry boat servicesCrocker’s Boat Yard is well known for it’s long history of work on wooden boats, from building boats when the yard started in 1946, to repairs and restorations that we do now. Whether you need major structural work, custom cabinetry or teak trim on your fiberglass boat, we can handle the job.

Fiberglass and Refinishing

Our paint and varnish crew regularly turn out top quality yacht finishes; interior and exterior paint and varnish, spars, race bottoms, Awl-grip touchups, compound and buffing – anything that you want to make look new again, we will take care of it.


We offer a wide variety of rigging services from maintenance of existing systems to complete re-rigs. Our services include jib and mainsail furling systems, vangs, running and standing rigging, winches, deck hardware, lifelines, mooring pendants, docking lines, masthead gear, modern and traditional. Crocker’s is a Selden Regional Service Center and a New England Ropes dealer, and can provide hardware from a wide variety of manufacturers

Additional Services

Dock Building & Repair

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CBY Yard Rates

Contact us for a itemized quote
for any service you are considering. 978-526-1971 or Chris at

Jan. 2017
Fiberglass $100.00
Electrical, Electronics $105.00
Mechanical $105.00
Rigging and Carpentry $95.00
Painting and Varnishing $85.00
Yard – cleaning, etc. $75.00
per foot + mats.
Wax Hull (waterline to rail) – up to 25′ $18.00
Wax Hull (waterline to rail) – over 25′ $21.00
Wax Hull (waterline to rail) – over 45′ $23.00
Wax above rail (deck & house) – up to 25′ $18.00
Wax above rail (deck & house) – over 25′ $21.00
Wax above rail (deck & house) – over 45′ $23.00
Sand and paint bottom (fiberglass only) – up to 25′ $19.00
Sand and paint bottom (fiberglass only) – over 25′ $21.00
Sand and paint bottom (fiberglass only) – over 45′ $23.00

Equipment Rates

EQUIPMENT/ENERGY SURCHARGE on all boat commissioning and
decommissioning invoices
per foot
up to 30 ft. $2.00
30 feet and Over $3.00


CBY Boat trucking over land (per hour) $130.00 (250.00 min)
CBY truck w/ Customer trailer (per hour) $75.00
Dock Commissioning and Decommissioning (per hour) $100.00


per foot
Haul or Launch Under 25′ – one way $8.00
Haul – Minimum Charge $125.00
Haul, put on stands & launch 45′ and under $12.00
Haul, put on stands & launch over 45′ $13.50
Short haul $12.00
Launch/Haul, load on owner’s or yard hydraulic trailer under 25′ $9.00
Launch/Haul, load on owner’s or yard hydraulic trailer over 25′ $10.50
Power wash bottom $5.25


per foot
Season, reserved slip $250.00
Tender (Dinghy) Space over 10′ $900.00
Tender space, season under 10′ – each $450.00

CBY Storage Rates



per sq ft
Inside $13.50
Outside $7.50
Wet $7.00
min. chg $1,000.00
Length includes outboards and swim platforms


per foot
Under 25′ $17.00
25′ – 45′ $20.00
Over 45′ $23.00
Mast up 25′ – 45′ $22.00
Towers Quote
Shrink wrap recycling charge 1.50/ft
Spar Storage – boats 30′ and up $100.00
Spar Storage – under 30′ $60.00
Radar Storage $50.00
Furler Storage $60.00
Outboard Storage $50.00
Dinghy storage (winter) – No haul or power wash $150.00
Dinghy 10-15′ (Haul, power wash, load on customer’s trailer & Storage) $500.00
Summer Trailer storage $300.00
Service roller furler – each $100.00
Tug use – Per Hour $150.00
Diver – Per Hour $150.00


Dive Inspection (rewire shackles and clean off growth) $125.00
Mooring Rebuild $200.00
Replace Mooring Chain $125.00
Winterizing and Commissioning : TO BE INCREASED Each
Inside Harbor $100.00
Area G $200.00
Beyond Area G $250.00

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Contact us if you are thinking about an off-season or long-term project. We are happy to work with you to create a custom service package for you.

Commercial discounts available.

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